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- 480 miles from new

The Ferrari 812 GTS is excellent on the circuit, but it’s a true tourer. The cabin is comfortable and ergonomic, with all the controls in easy reach. And this vehicle is extremely nicely specified, featuring a gorgeous ‘Azzurro Dino’ blue exterior, a charcoal cabin, and tricolour highlighting – a tribute to the 250 GT Berlinetta Competizione, which utterly dominated the Tour de France rally between 1956 and 1959.

First registered in December 2021, the vehicle has covered just 480 miles from new. So it’s in pristine condition – and equipped to stay that way, with carpets and elements of the console clad in hard-wearing and luxurious Alcantara. Saving crucial kilos, parts including the bumpers, diffuser, spoiler, door panels, seats and console are made from carbon fibre, while the two dual exhausts are titanium. And it’s equipped with Ferrari’s high-power hi-fi package, along with Apple’s CarPlay phone integration system.

The tricolour stripe running over bonnet, roof and boot emphasises the vehicle’s poised lines, and the theme continues in the cabin – lifting the understated charcoal interior with flashes of colour on the steering wheel, seats, gear paddles and console controls. Appropriately, Ferrari’s launch control button – which controls wheelspin and manages power output in racing starts – is picked out in red, as is the muscular V12 squatting beneath the bonnet.

When cruising, the 812 is a satisfying and easy drive: it’s a motor for journeys as well as racetracks. The V12’s monstrous power is always close to the surface, but the vehicle’s supreme road-holding and handling give it a veneer of civility – until you reach the open road, hit the throttle, and let loose that ocean of brute force.

Special Equipment
Azzurro Dino FYM.157999 car paint
French tricolour livery, glossy blu livrea francese 30001329, glossy bianco livrea francese FYM 0024, glossy rosso livrea francese fym 0025.
21 cm wide livery (7cm per colour) which starts at front bumper and ends on vertical end on rear spoiler.
Armrest on door panel in charcoal leather.

Unveiled in September 2019, the Ferrari 812 GTS is the first front-engine V12 production convertible offered by Ferrari since the 1969 GTS4: the long-nosed beauty which secured GT class wins three years running at the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1972 and 1974.

An open-top version of the 812 Superfast, the GTS is the latest incarnation of a classic Ferrari formula: the two-seater, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer. This is a car designed to eat up the miles in style, at speed – and with the wind in your hair. 

Launched in 2017, the Superfast itself replaced the F12 – boasting more power, less weight, and better handling: with the single exception of the LeFerrari hypercar, it was Ferrari’s most powerful production car ever. And as they added a folding hard-top to create the GTS version, the firm’s engineers were determined not to sacrifice an inch of performance. Remarkably, they nailed it. 

Adding two muscular rear buttresses, Ferrari tucked the folded roof under a tonneau cover set between them: it can be opened or closed at up to 28mph (45kmg), the operation taking 14 seconds. The roof adds 75kg, but a substantive redesign of the rear end has kept the GTS as aerodynamic as its Superfast sister model: both versions, powered by a 6.5-litre V12 generating 789bhp, will do 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds. And the torque just keeps coming, reaching 530lb-ft at 7,000rpm: keep your foot down for five more seconds, and you’re moving at 124mph.

The seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox slips between gears effortlessly. And Ferrari’s engineers have found painless ways to cut emissions: improving on the Superfast model, the GTS features a high-pressure injection system to reduce particulate emissions while the engine is cold; a new fuel particulate filter; and a stop-start system to cut exhaust gases in traffic.

To keep all that power tied to the road surface, bonnet intakes channel air through the front wheelarches – boosting downforce – while further air vents and the use of rear diffusers reduce drag at high speeds. Retuned adaptive dampers and Ferrari’s 'Side Slip Angle Control System' (SSC) further boost road-holding, as does the firm’s ‘Virtual Short Wheelbase’ four-wheel steering system – which enables the 1705kg GTS to handle like a much smaller vehicle. The sophisticated electric power steering even features a variable weight system, assisting counter-steer when drifting.

In an emergency, the carbon-ceramic Brembo ‘extreme’ brakes can bring the GTS from 62pm to a halt in just 32 metres. But that’s not the interesting pedal in this vehicle: this may be a tourer rather than a track car – and the 320-litre boot will accommodate enough luggage for a lengthy tour – but the 812 GTS is built around its masterpiece of an engine. Producing peak power at 8500rpm – just below the 8900rpm redline – its snarling V12 loves to be revved. And if you do come across a racetrack during your tour, you won’t be disappointed: power delivery is linear and relentless all the way through the gears, hurling this remarkable Ferrari up to 211mph. 

Vehicle Options

"ACPL Apple Car Play"

"ADAS ADAS full pack"

"AFS2 Adaptive Frontlight System with SBL Function"

"ALBC Alcantara boot carpet - Charcoal"

"ALCS Central part of seats in Alcantara - charcoal"

"ALIC Alcantara interior carpet set - charcoal"

"ALOG Airbrushed shield"

"ATEL Atelier car"

"BVEN Black air vents grips on dashboard"

"CALA Aluminium brake callipers"

"CEAI Front bumper insert carbon fibre"

"CELB Rear bumper sides in carbon fibre"

"CEXD Rear diffuser in carbon fibre"

"CEXS Carbon fibre underdoor cover"

"CIDH Carbon fibre inner door handle"

"CIDL Carbon fibre driver zone and LEDS"

"CILR Carbon fibre central bridge"

"CIPZ Carbon fibre door panels"

"CISK Exterior sill kick in carbon"

"CITZ Carbon fibre upper tunnel trim"

"CSTT Seat stripe in tri-colour leather - extra range"

"CTUA Alcantara centre console - charcoal"

"CUPC Carbon fibre wheel caps"

"DATR Carbon fibre dashboard inserts"

"DLPT Tricolour dreamline on F1 paddles"

"DSH5 Coloured upper dashboard"

"DS1A Alcantara lower dashboard - charcoal"

"ELEV Front suspension lifter"

"EMPH Cavallino stitched on headrest - extra range"

"EPHX EMPH in special thread - extra range"

"EXAT Titanium exhaust pipes"

"EXT1 Handy fire extinguisher"

"F1PT Tricolour F1 button housings - extra range"

"FCWS Carbon fibre front spoiler"

"FLMA Additional coloured mats with logo"

"ISSW Steering wheel with tricolour stitiching - extra range"

"LITB Tricolour livery on upper and lower rim of steering wheel - extra range"

"LUDP Colour upon request for door panel – charcoal"

"PDIS Passenger display"

"PNT1 Match to sample paint colour"

"RMDR 20" forged diamond racing wheels"

"RPMW White rev counter"

"RSCH Carbon fibre racing seats - large size seats"

"RPMW White rev counter"

"SHFP Leather rear shelf to match LUDP"

"SNDB High power hi-fi system"

"SPEC Special equipment"

"ST1X STC1 in special thread - extra range"

"STC1 Coloured standard stitching O.R - extra range"

"STW1 Coloured steering wheel – charcoal"

"SVR1 1 year subscription stolen vehicle recovery service"

"ULEZ Upper part of passenger compartment in leather – charcoal"


  • Year 2021
  • Mileage 480 Miles
  • Exterior Colour Azzurro Dino
  • Interior Colour Charcoal
  • Driver Position RHD
  • VIN No. 271216
  • Price SOLD
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