Highlights of this particular Motorcar:

Magnetic Silver over Pure Black Alcantara and Obsidian Black Leather
Excellent example of a V8 Vantage Coupe with a long list of additional options including glass
switches, upgraded Aston Martin Audio and matte black front grille mesh
Fully protected with PPF optioned from new with smoked rear lamps and wheels finished in shadow chrome
No expense spared major service just carried out at Aston Martin
5595 documented miles from new only

Exact Description of this Specific Motorcar

This Magnetic Silver 2021 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe stands out as a particularly outstanding example of the model, boasting a range of customisations and options that elevate its presence both on and off the road. With its sleek exterior and powerful 8-cylinder petrol engine, it's no surprise that the V8 Vantage is regularly heralded as one of the best looking two-door GT cars on the road.

As each iteration of the model just gets better and better, the 2021 car boasts a top speed of 195mph, with a 0-60 time of just 3.6 seconds. As comfortable taking on the Route Napoléon as it is cornering at Silverstone, this car’s Touchtronic 3 transmission ensures the smoothest changes through the modern ZF 8-speed, offering 130 millisecond shift times and carrying out its low speed duties with effortless ease and poise.

Complementing the exterior’s unassuming hue, the interior is adorned in a combination of Pure Black Alcantara and Obsidian Black leather, offering both comfort and sophistication. The addition of elegant glass switches and heavyweight carpet adds a touch of refinement to the driving experience, while the headrest embroidery featuring the iconic Aston Martin wings makes this Vantage a true expression of individuality and style.

On the exterior, the Matte Black front grille mesh and smoked rear lamps enhance the Vantage's aggressive stance, while the Gloss Black and Silver interior pack adds a modern flair to the cabin. Equipped with the upgraded Aston Martin Audio system, this Vantage delivers not only thrilling performance but also a premium cabin experience straight from the driver’s seat.

With a whole host of other customisations including a roof panel painted in body colour, blind spot assistance and protected with full PPF to name a few, the attention to detail on this V8 Vantage is second-to-none, and sets the stage for countless adventures ahead with its next lucky custodian.

General description of Make and/or Model of this Motorcar:

From its humble beginnings in a small workshop in London, Aston Martin has long since been
revered as a symbol of British automotive craftsmanship and culture. From iconic models like the
DB5, famously driven by James Bond, to the modern-day DB12, Aston Martin has consistently
managed to evolve throughout the decades, and is a company that is still producing high-
performance sports cars that are hugely popular across the globe.

The Vantage title, a cornerstone of British automotive history, has seen its fair share of
transformations since its inception in the 1950s. From its early days as a specification for the DB2,
where it was used to denote the most powerful version of that specific model, to its evolution into
its own distinguished model line, the Vantage name has now become synonymous with
performance and luxury in its own right.

In its formative years, the V8 Vantage made waves with its groundbreaking 5.3-litre V8 engine, with
this revolutionary powertrain not only set new standards for speed and power but also solidifying
Aston Martin's reputation as a pioneer in automotive engineering. As time marched on, the
Vantage continued to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and design elements to stay
ahead of the curve. The 2021 V8 Vantage model, for instance, rides on a new architecture shared
with the DB11, offering improved performance and handling without compromising on luxury and

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage commands attention from every angle, its striking exterior design
blending aggressive lines with refined elegance. Every curve is purposefully sculpted to enhance
aerodynamics, ensuring both style and performance on the road, whilst on the inside, the Vantage
reveals a cockpit crafted with the driver in mind. From the luxurious materials to the intuitive layout
of controls, every detail is thoughtfully designed to truly elevate the entire driving experience.
But it's really under the hood where the Vantage truly shines. Equipped with advanced
technologies like an electronically controlled differential with torque vectoring, this powerhouse
delivers not only raw power but also precision handling and unmatched agility. Whether navigating tight corners or cruising down the motorway, the Vantage still offers a ride that keeps drivers on the edge of their seats.

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  • Year 2020
  • Mileage 5,595 Miles
  • Trim Leather
  • Registration No. GN70VUT

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