Delivered October 2018

25 k miles

Just serviced as part of 7 year service plan by hr Owen 

Two owners

Hr Owen supplied 

As new condition. 

Overall history of the model

The 812 Superfast is the latest in a very long line of legendary front-engined, RWD, two-seater Ferrari Grand Tourers. This is what Ferrari do, starting with the 250 GT all the way through to the 812 Superfast. Ferrari have been practicing and perfecting this recipe for the last 70 years and the 812 is the culmination of all that engineering perfection.

Powered by a masterpiece in the shape of a naturally aspirated V12 6.5 litre monster producing 789bhp, the 812 will take you from 0–62mph in just 2.9 seconds and on up to 211mph. This might be the greatest engine Ferrari have ever produced and, as such, could quite possibly be the pinnacle of the combustion engine!

This is primarily a road car not a track car. As a GT, it’s designed to take you at speed across continents in comfort and luxury. The driver has all mod cons but no matter how comfortable it is in the cabin, you’ll constantly be reminded of the monster under the bonnet every time you press the throttle. It’s called Superfast for a very good reason!

Ferrari 812 Superfast Deep Dive

Introduced in 2017, the 812 Superfast is essentially a replacement for the F12. With updated transmission, suspension, aerodynamics and steering, the 812 is substantially powered up and 60kg lighter than its predecessor. Other than the LaFerrari hypercar, this is the most powerful production car Ferrari have ever made. 

The 812 is the latest incarnation of a classic Ferrari formula: the two-seater, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer. This is a car designed to eat up the miles in style and at speed.

Engine and performance

Powered by a significantly re-engineered version of Ferrari’s F140C engine, originally used in the Enzo and last used in the F12, Ferrari’s engineers have substantially increased the power. This 6.5 litre V12 is the pinnacle in the evolution of the naturally aspirated engine. There are no injectors, superchargers or turbos here. The numbers are almost unbelievable:

•    789bhp
•    0–62mph 2.9 seconds
•    0–124mph 7.9 seconds
•    Top speed 211mph
•    530lb-ft at 7,000rpm

Peak power is delivered at 8,500rpm—just below the 8,900rpm redline. This is an engine that loves to be revved.

Not only is the engine a masterpiece but the seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox is arguably the best Ferrari have ever made. The gear changes are almost immediate and gear ratios are shortened 6% from the F12.

Ferrari say that the 812 is “the most aero efficient Ferrari V12 sports car”. Using both passive and active aerodynamics to improve airflow and maximise downforce, the air is taken in at the front and channelled to the brakes for cooling. When the car reaches 180kph, intakes open to direct air to the underbody in order to reduce drag. 

To increase downforce, cooling air is directed to the radiator and then to the sides and underbody. Air intakes on the bonnet send air through the front wheel arches and along the sides. Diffusers at the rear open at high speed to reduce drag.

The 812 is a large car but thanks to Ferrari’s technology it handles like a much smaller vehicle. This is possible due to Ferrari’s four-wheel steering system (‘Virtual Short Wheelbase’) that is controlled with highly sophisticated electric power steering. 

Suspension has been stiffened compared to the F12 and, in conjunction with the retuned adaptive dampers and Ferrari’s 'Side Slip Angle Control System' (SSC), the car remains planted to the road.

The Brembo Extreme Design brakes, the same as those used in the LaFerrari, are the most efficient Brembo has ever made, stopping the 812 in just 32 metres from 62mph.

Climb inside the 812 and you’ll be struck by how low to the ground you find yourself and how laid back the driving position is. The bonnet stretches out in front of you,  under which the engine sits in a front-mid layout which gives the 812 almost 50/50 weight distribution. The cabin is a very comfortable and ergonomic place to be, pretty much everything is controlled by buttons mounted on the steering wheel.

The car is equipped with an infotainment system that includes sat nav and also Apple CarPlay, conveniently delivered through personal screens for both the driver and passenger. Being a GT car there is a decent amount of boot space (320 litres—enough to stow a large suitcase) and a shelf, with straps, behind the seats.

This car is excellent on the circuit but it’s made for the road. When cruising along, the 812 is a satisfying place to be and you quickly feel at ease behind the wheel. It’s perfectly possible to use the 812 Superfast as a daily driver. 

Make no mistake, though, this is a hard-edged super GT car. Ferrari’s aim was to produce “the most riveting and rewarding driving experience possible” and with its all-wheel steering the 812 feels light and agile, handling like a mid-engined supercar. 

Underlying the whole experience is that masterpiece of an engine. What’s startling is how linear and relentless the power delivery is—there are no flat spots. This is a car that will go from 130mph to 150mph in 3.6 seconds, making 80% of its torque available at just 3,500rpm. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is just that, and more!

Vehicle Options

"CALA Aluminium Brake Callipers – Black"

"CLDT Coloured Inner Details – Nero"

"RSCD Daytona Racing Seats – In Cuoio leather with Nero leather inverted piping around seat bolsters with Bianco STC2 stitch and Nero Cavallinos"

"* High Power Hi-Fi system"

"CTU4 Leather Central Tunnel – Cuoio"

"LUDP Leather Door Panel Upon Request – Cuoio"

"RSES Racing Seat Lifter"

"CIPZ Carbon Fibre Door Panels"

"CIDL Carbon Fibre Driver Zone and LEDs"

"CUPC Carbon Fibre Wheel Caps"

"FCWS Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler"

"DATR Carbon Fibre Dashboard Inserts"

"Carpets Nero"

"PDIS Passenger Display"

"ELEV Front Suspension Lifter"

"AFS2 Adaptive Frontlight System with SBL Function"

"Upholstery Leather – Cuoio"

"* Carbon Fibre Underdoor Cover"

"FLMA Floor Mats with Embroidered Logo – in Nero Carpet with Cuoio piped around edge with stitched in Bianco"

"PAC3 Front and Rear Parking Cameras"

"CEAI Front Bumper Insert Carbon Fibre"

"CELB Rear Bumper Sides in Carbon Fibre"

"CILR Carbon Fibre Central Bridge"

"CITZ Carbon Fibre Upper Tunnel Trim"

"SHF3 SHF1 Colour Upon Request for Leather Rear Shelf – Cuoio"

"ULEZ Colour Upon Request for Leather Upper Zone – Cuoio"

"STC2 Colour Upon Request for Special Stitching – Filo Speciale Bianco"

"DSH4/DSH5 Colour Upon Request for Upper Dashboard – Cuoio"

"STW1 Coloured Steering Wheel – Cuoio"

"EMPH Embroidered Prancing Horse on Headrests – Nero"

"ACPL Apple Car Play"

"TYPP Pirelli Tyres"

"Special Request Inserts on side seat bolsters in Nero leather"

"Belts Standard Black Seat Belts"

"SHF3 Cuoio leather parcel shelf"

"Standard front and rear parking sensors"

"Standard TPMO Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system"

"Standard MIR2 Int/Ext electrochromic mirrors"

"CERB Carbon Rear Boot trim"

"RUF1 Cuoio Leather Headliner"

"CIRZ Internal Carbon Rear Bench"

"RMSR Matt Silver Forged Rims"

"Standard NVT1 Anti theft satellite system"

"HELE High Emotion Low Emission"


  • Year 2018
  • Mileage 25,000 Miles
  • Exterior Colour Grigio Titanio Metallizzato
  • Interior Colour Cuoio
  • Trim Leather
  • Driver Position RHD
  • VIN No. 238952
  • Price £229,995
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