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Beluga exterior with Beluga interior.

The Bentley Continental Supersports is a rather special model made by Bentley which was launched in 2009 and was essentially a high performance, lightweight version of the Continental.

External features included extra air intakes in a redesigned bumper, more vents in the bonnet, different tailpipes and arches flared by 50mm. Inside the rear seats were removed and the front seats were replaced with lightweight fixed-rake items - all of which contributed to a 110kg weight reduction. 

The standard Continental GT produced 552bhp from its twin-turbo W12, the more performance oriented Speed, 600bhp, but the Supersports pushes 621bhp to all 4 wheels through a six-speed automatic gearbox. Performance figures were significantly improved, with 0 to 62mph taking 3.9sec, down from 4.5sec for the Speed, while the top speed was raised to 206mph.

590lb ft of torque from 1800-6000rpm and a gearchange programmed to shift in half the time of the standard gearbox results in a luxury GT which can reach 100 mph from rest in under 9 seconds. The stability control software was altered and along with a wider track and bespoke 20-inch Pirelli tyres were matched to carbon brakes (normally a £10k option on non-Supersports models) and the car was lauded as a superb luxurious British GT with real supercar performance.

Although probably not the prime reason why buyers snapped these up - its a little know fact that the Supersports could run on an E85 ethanol/petrol mix thanks to an upgraded fuel system. Because the ethanol bit comes from a renewable source, well-to-wheel emissions are said to be reduced by 70%.

At £163,000 new plus extras, this car comes with an enormous specification and today thanks to the miracle of depreciation, is offered at just under 30% of its original purchase price. Call us for the full specification on this car, which is in superb condition and simply awaits a new owner to enjoy the consumate high performance luxury GT experience.



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  • Year 2010
  • Exterior Colour Black
  • Driver Position RHD
  • VIN No. SCBCG43W9AC064315

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