Highlights of this particular Motorcar:

GT2 conversion carried out at huge expense by Porsche Italy

Fascinating high profile ownership history

Classic Porsche magazine featured 2023 - indistinguishable from "real thing"

Considered as the 195th built of the 194 originally made

Amazing Value today - could not be built to this standard for asking price

Exact Description of this Specific Motorcar

Information on our 993 "GT2" Conversion

This car actually started life as 993 Turbo X50, but at vast expense was promptly converted to GT2 spec by Porsche Italia for a customer who was unable to get a 993 GT2 allocation. The conversion work involved using all genuine Porsche parts and encompassed body, suspension, interior, engine as well as numerous miscellaneous changes to ensure the car was as close as possible to a factory GT2. There is comprehensive documentation and billing from Porsche Italia to support the activity - albeit in Italian! This GT2 "upgrade" kit from Porsche Italy amounted to 13,912,000 Lire - with the total bill on file dated 27th February 1996 amounting to 14,912,000 Lire. It was billed to Luciano Cavalli of Valenza - a jeweller - who one assumes was the first owner of the car.

The second recorded owner was Sergio Robbiano of Genoa who we understand to be the late fabled co-designer of the Ducati 916 model series and directly responsible for the Aprilia RSV4 and various Bimota designs. Clearly a serious enthusiast, Robbiano's passion for speed on 4 wheels was obviously obliged with spirited use of his 993 and there are a number of pictures on the web of him with his car after the conversion:


There are also some others taken here of what we believe to be the same car - https://www.flickr.com/photos/38918737@N08/with/9363726699

Sergio sadly passed on the 30th June 2014 as a result of a motorcycle crash and his GT2 was sold a month later to Massimo Tosti. Known as one of the world's most discerning Porsche collectors - see his Instagram feed @maxige78 where photos of the car appear back in 2014 - he kept the car until the end of the year when prolific car collector Andy Bruce announced on his Instagram account @andyb74 that he had acquired the car on December 25 2014. He actually received the car in January after some minor cosmetic work was attended to. The car features on Andy's Instagram account at the time and was treated to an engine rebuild at Nineexcellence in 2015. Andy used the car enthusiastically and kept the car until it was sold to Ben Gulliver. It was then acquired by a renown historic racer in 2021 and this year featured in a multiple page spread in July 2023 edition of Classic Porsche.

Apart from the chassis plate, this car is indistinguishable from one of the original 194 993 GT models built by the factory and has been referred to in the past as the 195th "GT2". In superb condition and owned by some of the most discerning collectors, our car has interesting ownership provenance and has been cherished and maintained regardless of cost, throughout its life.

Today, despite the cost of a factory built 993 GT2 being well into 7 figures it would be impossible to replicate the build of this car. The primary stumbling block would be that many of the OEM 993 GT2 parts are simply no longer available.

The car we offer for sale offers more or less 100% of the visual appearance and driving experience of a factory built car at a fraction of the price.

General description of Make and/or Model of this Motorcar:

Porsche 993 GT2

The last great air-cooled turbocharged Porsche, the 993 GT2 is a true Porsche icon.

Conceived for homologation purposes for Porsche to have a competitive entry in the 1995 GT2 class. Visually the model is distinguished by its bolt-on wider wheel arches to accommodate a wider track, lightweight mag centre Speedline wheels and an adjustable large racing rear wing with integrated air scoops.

First seen at the Essen Motor Show in November 1994 in prototype form, the GT2 variant was based on the contemporary 911 Turbo, using essentially the same twin-turbocharged engine but with RWD only opposed to the Turbo's 4wd. In the GT2 the 3.6-litre air-cooled flat-six engine produced around 430 bhp initially (with 450 bhp in later Evo models), which was good enough for a top speed of 187 mph. 0-100 mph was achieved in 7.2 seconds, which in period was only bested by a McLaren F1. Race derivatives featured an engine with more extensive modifications, producing 480bhp +.

Brake, suspension, interior and bodywork upgrades harnessed to a lighter RWD only transmission led to a weight saving of 200 kgs over the 993 Turbo model on which the GT2 was based. Alloy panels, lightweight racing seats, and deletion of interior soundproofing/rear seats and any superfluous trim. The most expensive model in the 911 range, the GT2 in its original Type 993 incarnation was produced up to 1998.

194 road cars were made and they are valuable(!!) - RM sold one on the 2nd December from the White Collection for £1.9m....The cars now tend to reside in long term collections and are seldom offered for sale

Inspection Reports & Specification Documents of this Vehicle


  • Year 1995
  • Mileage 104,153 Kilometres
  • Exterior Colour Silver
  • Interior Colour Black
  • Driver Position LHD
  • VIN No. WP0ZZZ99ZTS370005
  • Registration No. BLO 1T

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