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The development of the 964 RS resulted in Porsche AG commissioning the creation in 1990 of 11 prototype models, based on the forthcoming 964 2wd coupe platform.

WPOZZZ96ZMS400701 was the 6th prototype made and finished in the coveted N/GT configuration. It is rare for prototype models to survive and this car is one of only 2 known to be left in existence, the other example residing in the Porsche factory museum.

The confirmation of the car's status as a prototype model was validated after consultation with Porsche archives and input from Jurgen Barth.

#6 was used not only for development purposes, but also for official Porsche promotional photographs of the RS model, which were attached to official press releases for worldwide media distribution upon the 964 RS model launch.

The car's restoration was comprehensive and undertaken by RPM Teknik, accompanied with extensive photographic documentation of the entire process.

Authenticated by Jurgen Barth, in effect the car's creator, the restoration has been authentic to the most exacting detail.

Finished in it's desirable colour of Maritime Blue, upon completion of the restoration, #6 features in a video produced for the UK Porsche Retail Group, with Jurgen Barth discussing it's significance - made 3 years ago featuring a previous owner:


Ready for a new custodian and to take pride of place in any Porsche collection, whilst the car has been restored to perfection, it would be a shame to consign this car exclusively to static exhibit duties. The definition of "analogue" driving perfection, the narrow body of the 964 RS, matched with tactile steering and a characterful vocal naturally aspirated engine, makes for a wonderful driving companion on today's roads, if you can get up early enough to beat traffic...! The reality is that such a compact, beautifully balanced car, offers pure undiluted, driving thrills at sensible speeds, that modern supercars with burdened with electronic driving aids, simply cannot match.

A fabulously restored and documented Porsche prototype, if the N/GT is the most coveted variant of the 964 RS, this being the only remaining example in private hands outside the factory museum, must represent the apex of Porsche 964 RS desirability!

Exact Description of this Specific Motorcar

A hugely significant Porsche RS Prototype model.

5 year restoration overseen and signed off by ex-Porsche customer sports department leader and Le Mans winner Jürgen Barth.

Extensive documented history file including imagery of the comprehensive restoration process using Porsche Classic parts throughout.

The actual car used by Porsche for 964 RS global marketing activity and featured in official press release media imagery worldwide.

UK registered and tax paid, with 82,036 miles from new and in faultless condition, ready for either show and display or enthusiastic exercise...

General description of Make and/or Model of this Motorcar:

The 964 model evolution shares a clear visual lineage to the original 911 body style, whilst incorporating a modernised platform with enhanced handling, general dynamics and contemporary safety enhancements. Refinements such as ABS and power steering were offered for the first time on a Porsche model, with options such as tiptronic and four wheel drive variants targeted at a new broader customer base, who shared expectations of a more refined and accessible 911 driving experience. 

From the onset it was always recognised that there would be a requirement for a limited production hardcore model, for the true 911 enthusiast, who would demand the the most engaging dynamic performance to enjoy on both the road and track. Porsche was equally aware that the glamour and prestige associated with its racing models sold the Porsche 911 legend in the showroom and in 1991, a limted edition of Porsche 964 RS models was announced.

The design philosphy of the basic "lightweight" model was broadly similar to the process used in the development of the legendary 911 2.7 RS, in effect, "adding" lightness and sharpening driving dynamics. In to the parts bin, went electric windows, electric seats, air conditioning, stereo became on option only on certain variants and the rear seats were replaced with lightweight carpeting with Carrera RS branding, with the addition of lightweight bucket seats at the front and the incorporation of minimal sound deadening throughout. The chassis was stiffened with additional seam welding, the steel bonnet was replaced with an aluminium variant and thinner glass was used for all side and rear windows. 

Suspension featured a 40mm lower ride height, rose jointed top mounts all round, with adjustable anti roll bar settings front and rear. Magnesium wheels further lightened unsprung weight with a commensurate steering feel improvement, further enhanced by the fitment of a manual rack replacing the hydraulically assisted standard steering, which was only retained for the RHD touring variant of this new RS model. Cross drilled big brakes with modified calipers brought proceedings to a halt in a timely fashion.

Mechanically, a blue printed M64/03 aircooled engine was fitted with single mass flywheel, slightly modified setting on the Bosch management resulting in a more responsive 260 horsepower variant of the standard 964 engine. A modified G50 gearbox with longer first and second gear ratios, steel synchroniser rings and modified shift sleeves was fitted and power was put through the wheels, via a ZF LSD with 20% lock under load and 100% lock under braking. 

A total of 2276 964 RS variants were made with a production of 1910 for the basic "lightweight model". A touring version with turbo sport seats, a more comprehensive interior, more comprehensive sound deadening, and other luxury options accounted for 76 cars. Finally the road legal Group N car - the N/GT - aka as the "Clubsport" accounted for 290 cars. The N/GT was in effect a Carrera Cup racecar with number plates, with RS basic suspension and engine mounts, the only concessions to road use. This model left the factory with a full FIA approved cage, nomex bucket seats with harnesses and twin fire extinguishers and was literally "ready to race". As such the N/GT model was one of the last truly dual purpose road and racecars produced by Porsche.

Today's legislative requirements would preclude the production of such a focused car for road purposes and even in period, the RS was deemed to be a little too "focused" for the US market. Today this goes a long way to explaining the clamour for the 964 RS in America, now these models qualify to be imported stateside under the 25 year "show and display" exemption.

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  • Year 1990
  • Mileage 82,036 Miles
  • Exterior Colour Maritime Blue
  • Interior Colour Black
  • Trim Competition
  • Driver Position LHD
  • VIN No. WPOZZZ96ZMS400701
  • Registration No. c11ngt

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