1 of 22 RHD made
Rare beautiful colour scheme
Fabulous restored condition

It is unusual to come across a Ferrari 365 GTC in right-hand drive; rarer still to find one in good condition; and almost unheard-off to discover a vehicle this beautifully restored in its original colours. 

One of only 22 right-hand drive vehicles among 168 built during the 365 GTC’s year-long production run, it was first registered in the UK as BPD 10H on 1 January 1970. Painted in Amaranto Bull Lea, with a tan-beige interior, light grey headlining and dark red carpets, the vehicle cost £7900 new – twice the average UK house price – and on arrival was fitted with a Bosch radio and a centre-roof aerial.

After a decade on the UK’s roads, DK Engineering gave the vehicle a mechanical overhaul; and in 1986 the interior was renewed, including the fitting of Wilton carpets, seat belts and additional speakers. Further work was carried out during the 1990s, including reconditioning the brakes, driveshafts and springs, re-coring the radiator, and addressing corrosion.

In 1998 the vehicle – now registered as ANM 35H – was repainted in blue, and the 2000s saw major work on the engine: the cylinder head was reconditioned in 2001, and in 2009 the V12 was completely rebuilt at the cost of around £20,000. This job included a full strip-down and the fitting of new pistons, rings, valves, camshafts, timing chain, fan and clutch, while the cam followers, carburettors, and oil and water pumps were rebuilt. 

In 2014, it received its third set of plates – 700 TM – and in 2018, with just under 91,000 miles on the clock, it was sold to a collector by DK Engineering. After four years in storage, it was purchased by Jeremy Cottingham – and we have since carried out an extensive refurbishment. 

The car has been repainted in its original Amaranto Bull Lea, the seats have been retrimmed in tan-beige, and the carpets returned to dark red. The brakes and suspension have been reconditioned, the engine bay thoroughly cleaned, and it’s received a full service. It comes with a full service history, and documentation reaching back to the original order placed with Ferrari in February 1969.

More than 50 years after it arrived in the UK, and with the odometer reading 91,281, this rare 365 GTC is once again as good as new – with a refurbished interior, fresh paintwork in its factory colours, and all mechanicals returned to excellent condition. 

Launched in 1968, the 365 GTC followed a line of luxury, front-engined, rear-wheel drive Grand Turismo Coupés that had begun with Ferrari’s 250 GT Pinin Farina a decade previously. Retaining the svelte but purposeful lines of its 1960s predecessors, beneath its Pininfarina bodywork the model features important engineering innovations – most notably a rear-mounted transaxle gearbox permitting a perfect 50:50 axle weighting, independent suspension all round, and a larger V12 offering improved power distribution across the rev range. 

The 365 GTC replaced the 330 GTC, using its predecessor’s chassis and bodywork – whose design reflects some of the best aspects of the 400 Superamerica, 500 Superfast and 275 GTS. On the surface, the 365 differs mainly in its replacement of wing-mounted vents with bonnet slats. Behind the scenes, though, it is quite a different beast.

Underneath the bonnet, the V12’s cylinders – as the vehicle’s name indicates – were expanded from 330cc to 365cc, increasing capacity to 4.4 litres and boosting horsepower from 300 to 316bhp at 6600rpm. Fuelled via three twin-choke Weber carburettors, the V12 generates 267 lb ft – hurling the vehicle to 60mph in 6.3 seconds, and topping out at 151mph. 

Transmitting that power, the driveshaft runs to a five-speed manual gearbox integrated into the rear differential. Moving the transmission’s weight rearwards makes for a beautifully balanced drive, and handling and ride also benefit from the fitting of independent suspension all round – a first in Ferrari’s road-going cars.  The brakes are servo-assisted discs, and the company worked hard to reduce vibration and cabin noise in this luxury tourer; though the V12, of course, has no problem making its presence felt. Inside, the 365 GTC features Veglia Borletti instruments and some interesting badging – including motifs on the ashtray, as well as the traditional steering wheel boss-mounted prancing horse. 

Buyers loved the 365 GTC – but at that time the American government was tightening emissions rules, and Ferrari ended production in 1970. So this excellent model was only built for a year, notching up 168 vehicles in total; yet it represents both a real advance on what came before it, and one of the last Ferraris featuring that elegant, flowing ‘60s styling.

Due to its short production run and evolutionary design, “in Ferrari terms, the 365 GTC was something of a wallflower,” noted Brian Laban in his book Ferrari. “But those who know better cite it as one of the finest all-rounders that Maranello ever built”


  • Year 1970
  • Mileage 91,291 Miles
  • Exterior Colour Amaranto Bull Lea
  • Interior Colour Tan
  • Trim Leather
  • Driver Position RHD
  • VIN No. 12461
  • Price SOLD
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