Highlights of this particular Motorcar:

Series 1 Jaguar 4.2 E-Type roadster fitted with numerous Eagle upgrades

Beautiful colour combination of Sapphire Blue with Grey leather

Minimal use since rebuild and superbly maintained, in-house by Eagle from 2001-2015

Detailed maintenance and service records are on file along with its Jaguar Heritage Certificate, handbook, current V5c, old MOT certificates and its current MOT

Exact Description of this Specific Motorcar

This 1965 Series I 4.2 E-Type roadster was originally delivered in left-hand drive to Jaguar cars, New York, USA. 

It returned to the UK in the 1990's and subsequently completely restored and refinished by XK Engineering. A photographic account of the initial restoration can be discovered within the history folder. Literally just after the initial restoration was completed, this E-Type was supplied to a customer through Eagle in November 1999.

The E-Type was fitted with a large selection of Eagle upgrades including both Sport and SuperSport options to brakes, suspension, cooling and electrical systems. Some further options were also added in 2003.

The car's owner lived in Hong Kong, keeping the Jaguar in the UK to use when he was over here and, as this became less frequent, Eagle sold the car to its next owner in October 2005. He was to keep it for the following nine years and was so smitten by Eagle's work that he commissioned a full Eagle E-Type and sold this car as his new Eagle was nearing completion.

The next owner purchased the car in 2014 directly from Eagle who had taken the opportunity prior to the sale to refresh the engine as part of their pre-sale preparations.

The most recent owner has lived overseas and used the sparingly on visits to the UK - ensuring maintenance has been kept up to date regardless of minimal usage.

Eagle modified E-types blend the classic aesthetic appeal of one of most beautiful cars of all time with enhanced dynamics - making their cars terrific driving companions on modern roads.

Today this E-type is presented in superb condition with a detailed history folder, Jaguar Heritage Certificate, E-Type handbook, Eagle service record, current V5c, old MOT Certificates, and the current MOT.

General description of Make and/or Model of this Motorcar:

Widely regarded as the most beautiful cars ever made - Jaguar's E-type was introduced in 3.8 form in 1961 and ended production in 1974 in 5.3 form. 

The original cars - the Series 1 - are the most sought after with a purity of styling which is unrivalled.

The Series 1 cars essentially fall into two categories: Those made between 1961 and 1964, which had 3.8-litre engines and (on all but the very last cars) partial synchromesh transmissions; and those made between 1965 and 1967, which increased engine size and torque by around 10% to 4.2 litres, and also provided new reclining seats, an alternator in place of the dynamo, an electrical system switched to negative earth, a more reliable brake servo and other modern features. Styling was unchanged throughout the series 1 model life.

Eagle have become the world's most famous companies focused on adding refinements and sophisiticated engineering to classic Jaguar E-type models - delivering modern performance and driving dynamics to the classic Jaguar E-type model.

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  • Year 1965
  • Mileage 76,660 Miles
  • Exterior Colour Sapphire Blue
  • Interior Colour Grey
  • Trim Leather
  • Driver Position RHD
  • VIN No. 1E11763
  • Registration No. HON557D

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