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The original "Wolf in Sheeps Clothing" - the Mk1 Lotus Cortina is one of the world's first and best known homologation specials using Lotus running gear and engineering expertise incorporated into the popular Mk1 Ford Cortina bodyshell.

The cars were built specifically for homologation purposes to create a competitive entrant into touring car racing - a role the car fulfilled with great success to the extent that domination of saloon car racing in the 1960's ensued. Lotus assembled the cars which featured a number of body modifications together with the brilliant union of the Lotus twin cam head onto the Consul Classic engine - an oversquare design with serious competition potential.

The first batch of 1000 cars specifically built for homologation purposes are by far the most desirable, with a number of unique features which were replaced by more mainstream Ford production parts as production of the car increased to satisfy demand.

CHASSIS No Z74C065992C
The car we offer for sale is one of the early sought after pre aero-flow series one models with the Lotus designed A frame rear suspension.

The car's early history is potentially fascinating as preliminary investigations suggest it may well have been first used by Colin Chapman's secretary! Formal documentation exists in the form of a green continuation log book from 1972 with the last entry being a member of the previous owner's family in 1975.

The previous owner's relative and prior owner of the car was John Edgar Phillips - a Team Lotus F1 mechanic from the Colin Chapman era. It was under Mr Phillip's tenure that this car was converted to full race specification - doubtless with insider expertise and knowledge. The car retains it's original engine block and has been prepared to a very high level.

Indeed the car has just been professionally inspected by a representative of the Lotus Cortina Register, who validated the car as one of the early models and declared:

"The body shell has undergone a complete restoration and has been carried out to an extremely high standard.

The rest of the car has been upgraded to full racing specification with aftermarket front suspension struts and rear coil over dampers both by GAZ Shocks with a full racing exhaust system.

Modern racing safety equipment features such as fuel and battery cut-off devices and switches strategically positioned, adorn the cabin area. There is a braided fuel line running to a large fuel cell in the boot served by an electric facet pump. Modern racing seats are fitted for both driver and passenger comfort. A full safety roll cage is fitted and safety flexi glass is fitted to one of the rear side windows.

This is an authentic MK1 Lotus Cortina in full race spec ready to be enjoyed at historic motoring events."

We have nothing more to add, other than the fact this superbly presented car is ready to compete at the sharp end of a number of historic racing series, for which it is eminently eligible. Further investigation into the car's fascinating early history by the next custodian may well confirm the exciting early provenance of the car. As it stands, the proven documented ownership and subsequent expert race preparation of this sought after early model by an ex Chapman era Team Lotus F1 mechanic, means this example must be one of the desirable and genuine Lotus Cortina racecars available anywhere for sale.


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  • Year 1965
  • Exterior Colour White
  • Driver Position RHD

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