Highlights of this particular Motorcar:

The 47th Eagle E-type made

Superb specification including Eagle 5 speed Gearbox

Comprehensive history fully documented and extensive maintainenance and upgrades by Eagle Racing over the past 20 years.

Maintained regardless of expense and from a major car collection

Exact Description of this Specific Motorcar

The 47th Eagle E-type made and with full build sheets and fully documented history.

Massive spec from the Eagle catalogue includes fitment of Eagle 5 speed gearbox which transforms the driving experience

Jaguar E type #860667 history

4th July 1962 - B.Tye - original registration BT10
replacement reg no. 6037 D issued by Kent County Council before the end of 1964

During this period the ownership history is unknown untill 1973

1973 - I.S Ingham, Blackburn
1976 - J.E Boughton, Burnley
1988 - Rankine & Eddleston, Dunfermline
1992 - Restora Car Sales, Doncaster
1994 - S.J Seath, Eastbourne - who over a period of time had the car fully restored - photos on file
2003 - A.Purdie - who had the car evaluated and subsequently maintained by Eagle Racing
2009 - Patrick Morrison - acquired car via Eagle and commissioned a comprehensive number of Eagle extras - details on file
2014 - Current owner - acquired the car and in 2014 the Eagle options below were noted to have been fitted/replaced

Eagle Classic Catalogue Options fitted

Eagle classic spec engine build
Bosch battery & mounting package
Externally mounted fuel pump
Custom fitted door mirrors
Modern wiper system
Uprated brake light switch
Battery isolator switch
Stainless steel options
Locking glovebox
Nardi steering wheel
Drilled aluminium pedals
Cd and tuner system
Component front speakers
Ipod/iphone interface
Rear winted electric aerial
Electronic ignition
Performance plug leads
Modern electric fuel pump
Brass water header tank
Kevlar reinforced hoses - from GT catalogue
Modern cooling fan - from GT catalogue
Modern cooling fan switch conversion - from GT catalogue
Uprated cooling fan switch housing
Stainless brake hoses
Koni shock absorbers uprated heating and ventilation system
Halogen headlamps
Stainless steel exhaust and modified mounts
Wider 6" wire wheels & modern tyres - from Sport catalogue
Modified fuel sump and in line filter

Eagle GT Catalogue Options fitted

High spec charging system
Harmonic crankshaft damper
LWT geared starter motor
Hi spec aluminium radiator (uprated fans and core S2)
Evans waterless coolant
Silicon water hoses (s1 only)
Poly steering mounts
Sports steering wheel - Nardi
GT Torsion bars and springs
Adjustable front ride height
GT rear springs
GT anti roll bar
Uprated arb droplinks and poly bushes
Uprated rear arb droplinks, bushes and D mounts
Uprated rear suspension cradle mounts & radius arm bushes
GT engine mounts
4 pot front caliper and vented front brake disc (not s2)
Adjustable brake bias valve
High power brake servo and stainless heat shield
Performance air filter

Eagle Sport Catalogue Options fitted

Stainless tubular exhaust manifolds
Stainless big bore system
Lightweight aluminium caliper
4.2 type pedal box & servo conversion (3.8 models)
Modified and larger rear brake calipers
Extra offset wire wheels and sport spec tyres

Eagle Supersport Catalogue Options fitted

Eagle 5 speed box

The current owner has a significant car collection and has had the car maintained regardless of expense by Eagle Racing during his ownership.


General description of Make and/or Model of this Motorcar:

Widely regarded as the most beautiful cars ever made - Jaguar's E-type was introduced in 3.8 form in 1961 and ended production in 1974 in 5.3 form. 

The original cars - the Series 1 - are the most sought after with a purity of styling which is unrivalled.

The Series 1 cars essentially fall into two categories: Those made between 1961 and 1964, which had 3.8-litre engines and (on all but the very last cars) partial synchromesh transmissions; and those made between 1965 and 1967, which increased engine size and torque by around 10% to 4.2 litres, and also provided new reclining seats, an alternator in place of the dynamo, an electrical system switched to negative earth, a more reliable brake servo and other modern features. Styling was unchanged throughout the series 1 model life.

Eagle have become the world's most famous companies focused on adding refinements and sophisiticated engineering to classic Jaguar E-type models - delivering modern performance and driving dynamics to the classic Jaguar E-type model.

Highly sought after - Eagle E-types arguably offer the pinnacle of the Jaguar E-type ownership experience

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  • Year 1962
  • Mileage 1 Miles
  • Trim Leather
  • Driver Position RHD
  • VIN No. 860667
  • Registration No. 6037D

Price £365,000

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