Highlights of this particular Motorcar:

One of 7 RHD UK supplied (by AFN Porsche) 356 B Roadsters.
Recently bare metal resprayed to perfection in its factory Supplied Ivory.
Incredible history file with many documents dating back to 1959 that is continuous.
Factory certificate of authenticity.
Previous concours winner.
Many MOT’s confirming original mileage.
Previous ownership by several important collectors.
Recent inspection report by Andy Prill of Prill Sports classics – attached to this listing under documents.

Exact Description of this Specific Motorcar

3972 PX (originally registered as YLD 9) is an original one of only seven UK cars supplied by Porsche AFN in late 1959. One of fewer than 30 right hand drive 356 B Roadsters built, it is believed to be one of a handful of surviving cars.

Meticulously maintained for all of its life, 3972 PX comes with an extensive history file (available on request - set aside some reading time!) dating back to when it was new. The file documents not only the work done to it, but also the car’s numerous concours results (and victories). Its history file is, in part, thanks to the hard work of the car’s fourth owner, who keenly put the vehicle’s past back together. The file includes numerous invoices, letters of correspondence (including a rather heated exchange with a specialist on when the car would be ready after three years of work), MOT certificates, tax discs, and much more besides. It also documents the vehicle’s original body restoration by renowned specialist Ernie Gregory, its return to its original Ivory paint, and its recent detailed restoration by Andy Prill - a fresh Andy Prill service will be included in the sale at the seller’s cost.

Its VIN plate is original, and it comes with authenticated chassis, and transmission numbers. The crank case is of the correct type and has been replaced during the cars life.

Not only has the car been lovingly taken care of over its life, it also counts the Corner family as former keepers - an established family of collectors of outstanding historic motor cars.

This is a fantastic opportunity to own a much loved, incredibly rare, properly used, and wonderfully maintained car, which is perfect for a selection of road events in and around Europe.


The car has excellent provenance and a good record of maintenance. Like most 356's all right hand drive examples it has had a body restoration undertaken by Ernie Gregory (a well known and respected 356 restorer) in 1981. This is well documented and the cars body was clearly in better condition than most requiring some new metalwork and a repaint rather than wholesale metalwork repairs. Repainted from the original white to metallic silver since restoration the work has stood the test of time very well and structurally the car is in very good condition.

The car received a replacement engine in the 1990's (difficult to know when as the invoice is not dated). The original engine was a 616/2 356B Super number 84856. The replacement engine number identifies it as a 356B 616/2 356 Super engine number 89125. However, the engine type number is 616/7 engine that dates from 1961 but it identifies the main crankcase as a 616/7 Super 90 being later the engine benefits from several technical improvements made by Porsche between 1959 and 1961. The engine was fully rebuilt by Prill sport and classics in 2018 to fast road specification.

The car currently has disc brakes fitted and this conversion did not involve any modification of the car and the original drum brake assemblies could easily be refitted.

When the previous owner purchased the car it was fitted with a single outlet sports exhaust. Made by Ahnandorf in Germany it is an expensive system that sound sporty but is not too loud or intrusive.

During the same period the car was also serviced and additional maintenance was undertaken such as the replacement of seals etc.

In addition to the recent service the following small issues have been attended to -

The rev counter was reading low, dip beam headlamps were not working, small knock in left rear suspension was attended to, the bonnet badge was incorrect so a new one was fitted.

Early 356B's reverted to a single front mount on the gearbox but they changed back to the twin mount after just c660 cars with the single mount were produced. This car is one of the 660 that has a single front mount. Due to its age the rubber mount had become soft so it has been replaced.

Upon test drive it is reported the car is comfortable, sounds great and it drives beautifully. It does everything you want is a fine classic and it is capable of cruising at high speed all day. It would be difficult to improve on how this car drives.


2020 - 2023: Private high end collector with number of rare Porsches
2013 - 2020: Nigel Corner (part of an extensive collection)
2000- 2013: O’Rourke
1991 - 2000: P. Kellner
1987 - 1991: P. Giraldi
1985 - 1987: Lamb (sold at auction 1987)
1979 - 1985: Rogers
1961 - 1979: Hiscock
1959 - 1961: Imported to UK by AFN, sold to Jack Barttlett Porsche Specialists, first owner unknown

Servicing highlights

2022- Complete respray to a very high standard in its original Ivory paint colour.
2020 - Extensive works carried out by Prill Porsche Classics.
2018 - Engine refresh and 1720 cc 110bhp upgrade, 12V conversion, sympathetic cosmetic upgrades, disc brake conversion.
2014 - Extended steering column and new steering wheel.
2001 - Complete body restoration respray to silver.
1980 - As new rebuilt engine from Stoddard.
1979 - Complete overhaul by Ernie Gregory.
1977 - Gearbox work from AFN.

MOT history (where available)

1961 - 12,000 miles
1962 - 23,000 miles
1963 - 26,000 miles
1964 - 31,700 miles
1965 - 33,055 miles
1966 - 34,615 miles
1967 - 37,500 miles
1968 - 38,650 miles
1969 - 39,500 miles
1970 - 40,592 miles
1971 - 42,450 miles
1972 - 45,360 miles
1973 - 48,200 miles
1975 - 50,558 miles
1976 - 53,000 miles
1977 - 53,256 miles
1979 - 54,841 miles
1980 - 55,488 miles
1981 - 55,910 miles
1982 - 56,933 miles
1983 - 58,123 miles
1984 - 58,577 miles
1985 - 59,082 miles
1987 - 59,993 miles
1988 - 60,344 miles
1990 - 60,344 miles
1991 - 60,577 miles
1992 - 62,561 miles
1993 - 64,505 miles
1994 - 64,913 miles
1998 - 64,995 miles
2000 - 66,005 miles
2001 - 67,250 miles
2002 - 69,191 miles
2003 - 69,198 miles
2004 - 70,452 miles
2008 - 74,637 miles
2009 - 75,816 miles
2010 - 76,086 miles
2011 - 76,414 miles
2012 - 76,998 miles
2013 - 77,509 miles

At point of purchase its current owner had Prill Porsche Classics undertake a full report into its condition, and ensured all necessary works were carried out to ensure it drives as sweetly as it looks. The car itself has clearly been meticulously maintained over its life, and as such is in wonderful condition.

General description of Make and/or Model of this Motorcar:

After the 356's introduction in 1948 there were just two body styles the Coupe and the Cabriolet. In 1955 and in response to the US importer Max Hoffman's request that Porsche produce a cheap, stripped out 'soft top' Porsche introduced the 356 Speedster. This more affordable model quickly became a hit on the west coast of the USA for which it was specifically designed and the rest is history. Ironically the cheapest 356 has today become the most valuable, part in thanks to the model's success in competition and celebrity owners like James Dean.

Speedsters offer very little in terms of weather protection and did not sell well in Europe so in 1958 Porsche introduced the 356 Convertible D. This 356A Roadster model retained the styling cues of the Speedster but with wind up side windows and a lined convertible top offering an acceptable compromise and comfort between the Speedster and the Cabriolet. With the imminent introduction of the 356B which was required to meet increasingly stringent safety laws the model was carried over and became the 356B Roadster. There were other small technical improvements but the car was basically the same model in the 356B body.

In Europe a Roadster is a much more practical car that can be used in inclement conditions. As someone was once quoted "a Speedster is a car that you can use for a day and a Roadster is a car you can use for a weekend"

Production numbers of the 356B Roadster -
1959 - 86831 to 87391 - 560 cars produced (including this car) 1960 - 87392 to 88920 - 1528 cars produced
1961 - 88921 to 89483 - 562 cars produced
1962 - 89601 to 89800 - 199 cars produced (T6 bodies)
Total 356B Roadster production = 2849

The vast majority of these were left hand drive with only a small numbers of right hand drive cars produced for the UK, South African and other markets.

No documents have been added at this time.


  • Year 1959
  • Mileage 78,584 Miles
  • Exterior Colour Ivory
  • Interior Colour Black
  • Trim Leather
  • Driver Position RHD
  • Registration No. 3972px

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